Welcome to my Blog!

[pronouced — ‘ah-coo-see-cah’] :-)

: Unusual things first —

I’m extremely shy. Especially when I meet you for the first time. Second encounter, we’re cool :)

I get pretty nervous speaking to large crowds (or small gatherings).. but I absolutely love doing both.

Writing gets challenging sometimes, yet one of my favorite things to do!

: Not so unusual —

I’m a self-taught baker (check out my website >>> kuskasweets.com <<<), love to eat, read, watch movies, love love educating myself, & juego tres musicales instrumentos :-) I’m always smiling (habit). Extremely silly too. Love my family, my friends, & GOD!

: I would love to —

Go skiing, take a photography class, travel, para-sailing, mountain climbing, (I don’t do so well with heights but oh well), go flying and actually learn how to fly a small aircraft (hey a girl can dream)… the list goes on… :-)


My aim with this blog is to encourage and inspire you as I come across ways to inspire myself. I hope you have a fun time reading what I post! Don’t forget to share and Like!

Enjoy! & Always remember to Dream, Inspire, and Achieve!

~ A.

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