A letter to Twenty Seven…


photo cred: lovely to strangers

This won’t be easy… I remember your first day. The conversations. The tears. The laughter… And although the year has been quite the journey, it’s bittersweet seeing you go…

This one was different… You had the highest hopes and dreams, so many plans. You looked forward to a bright year, and you were excited about it. But life…

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail”. – Proverbs 19:21

You got knocked down to your lowest lows, unimaginable. And just when you thought you could control a tiny bit of it and hold on, you lost your footing…

But I’m so proud of you.

You showed strength when you couldn’t carry on. You embraced failure and heartache and taught yourself to rise above pain and dark days. And even though you continue to stumble sometimes, you pick yourself back up every time.

You learned so much about yourself in the crushing, and You learned to cling to the one Rock you need most in life.

To see the person you are now, and who you’re constantly aiming to be is simply inspiring.

So in spite of the dark days, you have got to be one of my most memorable years – Because you taught me that no matter how many bad days creep up, it always gets better.

Take the lessons with you into your next chapter.

Make a promise to yourself to not make the same mistakes. Always do everything to the very best of your ability. Never be afraid to do the things you love that scare you.

I’m excited to see the person you’re growing into… The person God is shaping you to be.

I Pray that God will guide you, and protect you, and lead you in all your days ahead. You’re an amazing person, don’t ever forget that. And when you feel less than, remember that God loves you and has the greatest plans for you, and that, matters more than anything in this world.

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