September... I can't keep up with this race. Yesterday Summer sparkled with shorts and smoothies. Today I run around the house looking for socks. Fuzzy socks. The kind that feel like the insides of Uggs. But I can't complain yet because colder weather inspires writing. Hot chocolate + my journal + my laptop... and socks. I flipped open… Continue reading Seasons


Sorry About Yesterday…

Lately I've been saying all the wrong things. Saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, thinking about saying/doing the wrong things... And I've been trying to figure out exactly why that is... Because usually I am very careful. Careful to not hurt the feelings of others with my words and actions. Careful to not do anything I… Continue reading Sorry About Yesterday…


Notes To Self

January 11th. I'm finally getting around to my reflections from last year. I don't think it is ever easy when you have to take a critical look at yourself and decide what's important to work on to be a better person. But it is very necessary, so here goes... 7 notes to myself (just because 7… Continue reading Notes To Self

Speak Up

Reflections of a Troubled Mind – Part 2

[Read: Reflections of a Troubled Mind - Part 1] What then do you do, when thoughts of depression and confusion rain down like confetti? Challenge your thoughts. Three Words. Never easy. It is a fight. The battle of the mind is a powerful thing... But it is very possible to win it. I can't sit here and… Continue reading Reflections of a Troubled Mind – Part 2