I can’t keep up with this race. Yesterday Summer sparkled with shorts and smoothies. Today I run around the house looking for socks. Fuzzy socks. The kind that feel like the insides of Uggs. But I can’t complain yet because colder weather inspires writing. Hot chocolate + my journal + my laptop… and socks.

I flipped open my journal to pen down some thoughts and realized it is the first time this month I am writing. I haven’t held a pen to those pages since July. Summer… Which, like I said, was pretty much Yesterday so I guess that’s not so bad. It’s better than March – which is the last time I blogged.

March. The last time my fingers jumped all over these keys…

To be honest, since I decided to be more open and personal with my writing, it has been a struggle to write. “Personal” doesn’t want to belong on the pages of a book. I have a vivid imagination of a child clinging to their mother refusing to let go. That’s the relationship between “Personal” and my mind.

I miss the season of easier writing. Take me back to two years ago when I would go through Journals like it was going out of style. When Barnes and Nobles was the hot spot for new ideas. But it’s a different season…

A different season, a different life journey, different goals…

SEASONS are inevitable… like CHANGE. (I’m not a fan of change, but I respect it). Difficult seasons have a way of inviting themselves over at the most inconvenient time possible. And I wonder if [Life] sometimes thinks of us (people) and feels bad enough to give us a break…

Because different (challenging) seasons drain energy. You run, but gradually loose footwork in the race, and before you know it, it’s September (no offense to you oh colorful ninth month)

All jokes aside, this has been one of those difficult seasons (not just with writing). But I’m reminded that just as Winter gave way for Spring and Summer, difficult seasons will give way for calm, manageable, uncomplicated, easier seasons.

They don’t have a choice. Winter didn’t.

It is a part of the process of living life. We only need to be ready to embrace it and learn the lessons that should be taken from it. It gives us insight to what needs to be reevaluated, and it is up to us to keep up with the race or fall back even further.

Because September with its colorful leaves will eventually give way to Turkey, Lights and Presents, which will eventually give way to more Sun, Shorts and Mango smoothies. As nice as fuzzy socks are, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in them when I could be drinking up the sun with a smoothie. Would you?

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