Speak Up

They tell me your BLUE skies fade to GREY


We all have bad days… but even when your life feels like a temporary mess, and you’re at a total loss of what direction to take, we need to realize that not everyone will be on that level. Unfortunately for many of us under such predicament, that’s usually when someone we know rises onto higher ground and is doing very well in their lives. As if to add salt to injury, that’s also exactly the time they come to you to share their successes.

Many of us make the mistake of resenting them. We don’t want to hear what they have to say because we want them to put themselves in our shoes, feel our pain and be gloomy with us… Well what about them? They also want to share what they have to say because they want us put ourselves in their shoes, feel their joy, and be happy for them.

We need to get to the point in life where we realize that bad days don’t determine how the rest of our lives should be. It shouldn’t affect our attitudes toward our well-to-do family/friends.
So, share their joy and congratulate their success. Enjoy it with them. Do it for them, but most importantly for YOURSELF. Don’t end up being a bitter person because you’re jealous of others. Feelings such as these lead to resentment, which leads to unnecessary problems. You’re not any better than they are, and they aren’t any better than you are.  If its not happening for you now, so what? Keyword: NOW. Meaning it can darn well happen: SOON. Realize that everyone has his/her strengths, and everyone will have their time to rise and excel. So relax, and rejoice with others as they succeed. In due time, yours will follow.

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