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“HIS LOVE: Thoughts as I woke up this morning” – S. Smart


So.. I woke up this morning feeling some kind of a way, it’s…not something I could put into one word so I started to write and it began like this…

See, deep down in the depths of my heart, with every THUMP, aorta pump, sinusoidal wave sum…

I.. I just longed for Him, I longed for His love, and mercy, more and more each and every day. Thank you lord for giving me another day…

See in every path His light is that which paves. And like a surgeon, all wounds He stitches but unlike a surgeon His suture is better than… any absorbable nylon or silk, it seals and weaves beyond that of all physicality and into the core of our eternal existence

Our dreams are His visions already made. Isn’t it intriguingly amazing how every fiber of our being is so intricately made…from our very DNA, to the world in which we live?

He has instilled in us the power of… not just mere existence, but existence that showers in His blood that covers all sins, even ones as tall as the Eiffel tower

The strength and abilities He’s given is beyond any worldly comprehension. In his eyes… we are His most precious piece of art, we are His masterpiece

See… He’s the potter and we are His clay, as Psalm 139:13-14 states, we are fearfully and wonderfully made even before the beginning of the very first beginning and never ending…

And He said… accept me now and in you, I’ll never stop existing. Oooh, this precious life he gives, our walk never gets easier but all I have to say is READ. WORSHIP. and PRAY.

I said read, worship, and pray, because even in the darkest of the darkest days the manifestation of is words will be that which stays… And the beauty of all of this is… His love for us never changes or fades, it’ll never leave us astray,  it forever lives.

Thank you lord, for giving me another day!

BY: Sandra Smart

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