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Reflections of a Troubled Mind – Part 2

[Read: Reflections of a Troubled Mind - Part 1] What then do you do, when thoughts of depression and confusion rain down like confetti? Challenge your thoughts. Three Words. Never easy. It is a fight. The battle of the mind is a powerful thing... But it is very possible to win it. I can't sit here and… Continue reading Reflections of a Troubled Mind – Part 2


A Heart of Thanks

For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God ~2 Corinthians 4:15 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm sure most of you are stuffed by now, or about to get stuffed! But in all the festivities and preparing for family time celebrations, don't miss… Continue reading A Heart of Thanks


The Struggle – #30DaysOfThankfulness

[My spiel from Day 3... Click here for others >>> "30daysOfThankfulness" ] Today I'm thankful for my FAITH! I'm just staring at the page smiling because its been a long road for me to finally say that and really really mean it. And I do. I've struggled personally with my faith the past couple years, but I've… Continue reading The Struggle – #30DaysOfThankfulness

Stolen Notes - My Friends

“HIS LOVE: Thoughts as I woke up this morning” – S. Smart

So.. I woke up this morning feeling some kind of a way, it’s…not something I could put into one word so I started to write and it began like this… See, deep down in the depths of my heart, with every THUMP, aorta pump, sinusoidal wave sum... I.. I just longed for Him, I longed for… Continue reading “HIS LOVE: Thoughts as I woke up this morning” – S. Smart