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Don’t Give Up Just Because People Didn’t Take Notice


What is it with us humans and craving the feeling of validation or acceptance from others? We often desire to have people take notice of us and what we do. Don’t get me wrong, its not all a bad thing and there’s probably nothing seriously wrong with that as long as we control it to a certain level. Because it’s also great to get noticed.

It’s great to accomplish something and have someone else other than yourself, recognize and appreciate your work. Especially when you know you worked hard at it. To know that what you put out is catching the eye of someone, or even many. However, the problem stems when we begin to ride solely on that ‘feel good’ attitude we get as a result.

A lot of us end up depending heavily on these ‘reactions’ and attention to assess how good we’re doing. Therefore when we embark on something and no one recognizes or talks about it, we brand it as not good enough and let it go or give up on it. As if its value depends on what others think… Sometimes what causes us to trip badly is our ‘time’ factor. We set goals within a certain time frame, and when we see no good result by the set date, it makes it oh-so-easy to give up, so easy… BUT DON’T! Because doing so can trap you into making it a habit, as well as prevent you from completing many things.

So I urge you not to give up on your dream because people don’t take notice of it. DON’T GIVE IN, DON’T LET GO OF IT, DON’T LOSE HOPE ON IT. Keep pushing regardless of who’s watching, or who’s appreciating. Refuse to rely on validation from the masses. What you can control is how far you go on it, and getting your [word] out. And there are ways, so find new avenues to make it possible. Find a way to get it out there because as mentioned in the beginning that’s also part of the point – [positively] affecting people by whatever your doing. However, keep on doing it FOR YOU, and for the reason you know it worth doing. The right people will take notice and share it with others, and before you know it, it will catapult into something greater than you ever imagined.

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