Fear of falling


Do you realize that some of the little things we run away from, build up and translate into the big picture of our lives?

Take me for example. I love ice skating! Ok, maybe I should rephrase that… I don’t actually ice skate, but I’ve had so much love for it since I was a kid. Its such a beautiful sport; very graceful and awe-inspiring. I’ve always wanted to learn it, among other things… But I realized it also came with a lot of falling on my butt. Sounds silly and dramatic, but in the way people have phobias with heights or tight spaces, I had a fear of falling. To be able to throw yourself in the air, let go, and land on both feet (or blades) looks magical to a kid, but watching was enough for me.

However, I never learned when I grew up either, because I didn’t really want to. That was my excuse, and I was sticking to it. It was never about fear. This girl was never afraid. OR so I thought… Same thing with roller skating. I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I went out to roller skate, and I would always be the one holding back, or volunteering to buy/watch our food, or even take pictures. I would give so many excuses of why I didn’t feel like skating, because from childhood, I had built this monster in my head and hadn’t let go of it.

Reality hit when I realized I was doing the same with my personal, more important life decisions. I realized I was playing it safe on a lot of things. Just like preventing my butt from being best friends with the ice for more than a necessary amount of time when skating, I was taking every change at preventing my ego/pride from being bruised by possible failures. Rather than ‘fall’, and get hurt, and have to get up and do it all over again only to potentially ‘fall’, and get hurt again, I would not try at all! And a lot of us are like that.

To be able to put ourselves out there and potentially get hurt, we would rather play it safe and not put ourselves in that position. We don’t live, we don’t take risks. We shy away from a lot of things because the knowledge of going through that process of falling and having to rise up, or falling so deep that we may find difficulty getting ourselves out again, cripples us and binds us with so much fear. But, oh wait… We don’t call it fear; we call it ‘Protecting ourselves and being wise about it’.

unnamedBut the one who thinks everything is easy, has not lived because nothing is ever easy. Nothing is hurt-free or failure-free. And sometimes, for you to learn certain things, you have to fall, or hit rock bottom, before you can achieve what you want to. It’s called trial and error. We don’t learn and improve until we make mistakes and learn from them. Same thing with babies; their process of learning how to walk includes a lot of butt connection with the floor.

So I ask you to argue with that fear built so deep inside of you, and I encourage you to win your argument. Because you can! Give it a backseat view and push yourself through that ordeal ahead of you. That’s the sure way to learn and come out stronger. And that’s what life is all about! I still have issues with falling sometimes (figuratively speaking), but I’m beating that fear everyday by taking risks and trying new things.

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