“NOW” Is All You Have Moving Forward

I’m the biggest motivator for myself. Mostly because I hate making complaints, so I try hard not to make it a habit. However I’m also gradually finding that I’m the BIGGEST complainer there is. But only to myself and close friends. That’s OK though right? Well… So recently I was having a conversation with someone and let’s just say the other party was FULL of complaints. And although I try to shy away from such convos, it hit me that no one has it easy, so maybe a few complaints are allowed. Keyword: FEW

We all agree that it’s not easy to move forward when you have regrets in life. First of all its not easy to NOT think about regrets, but I think most of the time we use that as a crutch. We allow our regrets in the past to keep us from looking ahead. But “Hey, its not easy to look ahead when you wish you can change so much from before”… Well yeah, no one said it would be easy. Nothing worth it in life is easy, but it  can be done.

Everyone has their own level of strengths and weaknesses. Some people find it easy to bounce back very quickly, others take a much slower pace. The point is you HAVE to bounce back because you have no choice. You need to do it for yourself. And here’s the sad thing about complaints and whining; when we do it so often, we get trapped into thinking nothing else can be done about the situation. It’s like falling in a hole. The more we complain, the deeper we fall. We create our own abyss and it becomes harder to climb out of it. Looking back at life and complaining about what could have been, will only cause you to think on what you could have done, and prevent you from focusing on the now and what you CAN do. And contrary to what the movies have shown, I am yet to see a time traveling machine where each of us can go back in time and re-write our past.

So LOOK AHEAD! Open your eyes to all the possibilities ahead of you, and my gosh are they endless! You can rise up from it. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It will be the most challenging and difficult thing for many of us to do, but it CAN be done. If others were able to do it, you can do it, and I can do it. Don’t take out your frustrations on yourself and others. That’s the worst possible thing to do, but that’s a conversation for another time. In the mean time, keep your thoughts on what you can do NOW, because that’s all you have moving forward.

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