Those Darn Insecurities

So we have insecurities… who doesn’t? To be insecure about some stuff is not altogether bad.  But its especially less of a bad thing for the one who knows that the perfection they crave for is a myth. And because of that they are not bothered AS MUCH by their insecurities.

unnamedBecause, yes, they WILL be a little bothered by it. Insecurities of the body, looks, relationships, attitude, friendships… All because we want everything to be perfect so we don’t deal with the lack of confidence we have in those things.

Here’s a tip, perfection does not reign superior over anything. No matter how much value we give it; no matter how well we spin it. But insecurities do not reign superior either. And although it might feel like a bug we try hard to get rid of, it does not define who we are or who we will be.

“I have fat arms”. “I hate the way I chew”. “I sweat a lot”. “I hate how people lose weight easier than I do”. “I hate how loud I snore”… Not to be blunt, but so what? So what if you’re the person with fat arms who chews weird and snores loud and sweats a lot and finds it difficult to lose weight? We have to realize that it’s not the end of the world, and that we have so much more value than what we believe and think of ourselves. If only we can see that in spite of our insecurities, we rock in so many other ways unimaginable.

To not focus on our insecurities or that of others is the greatest thing ever. It is also such a relief. Because recognizing those annoying, yet semi-permanent ‘bug(s)’ and choosing to ignore and move past it, reflects how we overcome the little things that always seem to take over living a full life.

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