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Mirror, Mirror

Hey you:
I know there are days you don’t feel “pretty”… That’s okay, every girl has one of those. They are the weird days where your self-esteem will suffer a dip for no reason; like having random bad hair days… But please don’t get caught up in that.


“See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, Such a pretty dress, Such a pretty smile, Such a pretty me!”
That song won’t work on bum days. But here’s a tip, it’s not all about the clothes you wear or how you tie up your hair. None of those things matter. Not in the least bit. If that’s how you identify yourself, you will get tired of it fast. You need to know that it’s normal to not feel attractive everyday. But it is possible to be beautiful – Everyday.


You might not yet understand the difference now, but it will make sense when on your bad days you love yourself and know deep within who you really are. It will make sense when you value beauty as something more than the way you look. When you set a standard higher than material qualities.
Because your beauty is measured by what YOU choose to measure it by. And please! None of your “best features” will make the cut. Not that you need a word from me or anyone else to help you choose… But it is not measured by the color of your lovely skin, your cute tiny freckles, your healthy hair, or your big hazel eyes…


You are beautiful because of who you are on the inside. Because you have a beautiful spirit. And because you were made in the image of God. You are the daughter of a King, the child of the Most high!
Because your character shines brighter than your pretty face and pretty smile. A character that does not compare to the stroke of brush that adds a hint of color to your cheeks, or the extra glossy layer on your lips that make it pop. Nor does it compare to the work of your mascara that brings out the color of your eyes, or the length of dresses you wear to reveal your skin, and hint at subtle curves.


Not that you need a word from me or anyone else to convince you of your beauty…
But, know that it’s in your manners, in the way you show respect to yourself and others. It’s in your strength. In your love to neighbors, and in your smiles to strangers. In your ability to reach out and give, expecting nothing in return.


Because when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can smile at the person you are now, and the person you dream about becoming.
A person who is not afraid to bare all flaws and face them head on. A person who’s spirit lights up the room she enters. A person whose response to haters and critics is that of love and patience. A person who looks boldly at her reflection and works to be a better ‘her’.


One whose essence amazes, inspires, and influences those around her. Having a faith that is visible, alongside positive actions that speak volumes.
… Not that you need a word from me. Or anyone else… To remind you of your beauty – inside and out. But… Hey You: You are beautiful.

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