Dear #25, Slow Down.


Dear #25:

You came out of nowhere! And in a couple of days it’ll be official. So let’s establish a few ground rules moving forward –


It might not be any different.

1. You keep thinking you’ll roll out of bed and 25 will feel 25-ish. It doesn’t really work that way. Just like the morning of 24, or 23, or 22… But that’s not a bad thing :) #Foreveryoung

2. Five years ago you were just a kid. Today you’re a big kid. You’ve grown up a lot the past couple of years. Life has stayed true to its meaning, and steered you on the course you are on now. And even though certain situations would rather not be repeated, you learned and are a much better person because of them

3. You’ve struggled with a lot, but you’re still standing. You’ve cried, but laughed even more. #LaughterWon.

4. Remember, if ever the good outweighs the bad (and it has), there’s no reason to complain.

Quarter of a Century is a Beautiful Milestone.

5. You did not do it all on your own. A few good people have shaped your views and your walk in life. Don’t you ever forget them. And as you grow (lets not use ‘age’), pass on the little knowledge you have acquired. #PassItOn

6. Always open your heart for more growth, because nobody is ever perfect.

7. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself, because only then can you truly be who you are.

Most importantly, Slow down.

8. You take on too much sometimes. Learn to slow down. It doesn’t hurt to stop and smell the Tulips (unless you can find roses). Take naps. Read often. Write a lot more. #SlowDown

9. Make it your goal to love every one of the next 365 days. Learn something new, do something different. Don’t allow the days to fade away in a depressive fog.

Go on an adventure! Live Well. Love Hard. Eat like it is going out of style (and be a lady while doing so).

10. Remember, donuts are not so bad for you if you bake them. Ice cream is made of milk and has calcium which you most definitely need as you ‘age’ (permitted here). And don’t forget the beautiful thing about chocolate, which is from cocoa, a fruit.


Well, there you go 25. You have many wonderful years ahead of you. Welcome the good with the bad. Don’t ever let success get to your head, don’t let failure get to your heart. Stay humble. Stay grounded. Love God, your family and your friends.

Love yourself. Love YOURSELF. #LOVEYOURSELF Here’s to the next 75 years!

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