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Reflections of a Troubled Mind – Part 1

  I remember when he said he had once contemplated suicide. I thought he was crazy. It felt like it was the most selfish thing anyone could do. I didn't think going through something horrendous could ever justify taking your own life. Then it almost happened to me... almost. In the blink of an eye I was… Continue reading Reflections of a Troubled Mind – Part 1

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I Am Prejudice

August. I'm trying to figure out exactly how/when we got here. Summer is moving along very quickly, but I should say it has been an incredible one so far. Crossing a few things off my Summer Bucket List - Hiking (check), Beach days (check), Camp (check), Get closer to God (check), Bake emoji cakes (check),… Continue reading I Am Prejudice


Dear #25, Slow Down.

Dear #25: You came out of nowhere! And in a couple of days it'll be official. So let's establish a few ground rules moving forward - *** It might not be any different. 1. You keep thinking you'll roll out of bed and 25 will feel 25-ish. It doesn't really work that way. Just like the morning of 24,… Continue reading Dear #25, Slow Down.

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When Your Nights Hold More Promise Than Your Days

"I want to have something to share with this world... I want to make something of myself". Bold. I don't usually admit or attempt anything bold... Because well, bold is scary. Bold is Elle Woods going to a party in a bunny costume, and staying after realizing it is a prank. (I would've played dead and hope someone carry me out) Bold… Continue reading When Your Nights Hold More Promise Than Your Days