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When Your Nights Hold More Promise Than Your Days

"I want to have something to share with this world... I want to make something of myself". Bold. I don't usually admit or attempt anything bold... Because well, bold is scary. Bold is Elle Woods going to a party in a bunny costume, and staying after realizing it is a prank. (I would've played dead and hope someone carry me out) Bold… Continue reading When Your Nights Hold More Promise Than Your Days

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Thoughts From A Single 20-Something

  First let me point out that this is not an angry spiel. And I am not an angry girl. I tend to be a very happy person. Normally. But, seriously though... this is not at all a note from a girl who has guy issues, or who "can't get some". No offense, but that's just not… Continue reading Thoughts From A Single 20-Something


When Silence is Overwhelmingly Loud

My hardest blog post yet... 4 months of silence has led to this point. I'm usually very reserved in my writing (I'm trying to be a lot more open and honest with myself), but the truth is I have not "liked" myself, and my writing, for a while. For a long while. It's taking a lot… Continue reading When Silence is Overwhelmingly Loud

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Mirror, Mirror

Hey you: I know there are days you don't feel "pretty"... That's okay, every girl has one of those. They are the weird days where your self-esteem will suffer a dip for no reason; like having random bad hair days... But please don't get caught up in that.   "See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror