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The Spark – 15 Lessons From The Year

15. Being nice is overrated! Don't get me wrong, being nice is a good thing. It's a great thing! But I learned the hard way that if something is bugging you, nice doesn't cut it. You gotta be assertive! Nice people tend to timid sometimes, and I get it. It's so much easier to back off so you don't come… Continue reading The Spark – 15 Lessons From The Year


Sky Lanterns and Crazy Ideas

About a year ago I woke up to a text from one of my friends. She's the kind of person to randomly text you about random things. But they are usually silly and fun. This was different. It was just a question and a statement. Really random. More so because our last conversation was about cute guys… Continue reading Sky Lanterns and Crazy Ideas


My Dreams Can Wait A Day

Nails painted neon red. Cozied up in Momma's fleece sweater while I type away. All I need now is hot cocoa, and a movie. It's that kind of day... I don't want to have a care in the world. At least for a few minutes. Make that a couple more hours.. What's due tomorrow does not… Continue reading My Dreams Can Wait A Day


Unfinished Business

It's three months until the end of the year! I'm excited for the holidays because well, its the holidays. But I know some of y'all out there are feeling a little unsettled about it. That's OK too!! If I'am being totally honest, I am too because I'm already thinking about my year. The days slipped away! How… Continue reading Unfinished Business