Unfinished Business

It’s three months until the end of the year! I’m excited for the holidays because well, its the holidays. But I know some of y’all out there are feeling a little unsettled about it. That’s OK too!! If I’am being totally honest, I am too because I’m already thinking about my year. The days slipped away! How are we 5 weeks until the Countdown to Christmas?! (Did I mention I’m a huge Hallmark Christmas Countdown Movie fan?) Anyways, I bet some of you have already started looking back on the year as well. It’s like crunch time. Questions are floating around in your head: “How did I do?” “Did I accomplish all I hoped to?” And then we have a momentary panic moment, but just as soon, all is well because we get bit by the “New Year Resolution” bug.

unnamedSomehow we realize that we can “start fresh” during the new year, so we slack off, pushing everything to the next year on our “Resolution list”. Well I have three words for you: SUMMA IS OVA! So the slack off days are OVA as well. No more sunny laid back days. If you need to, grab that pina-colata and sit in front of the fireplace and get to workin’! (Smoothies in the fall/winter are always the best by the way). It’s time to get back to the grind, finish the year in a way you will be proud of! If you keep pushing things back, it wont get done. And before you argue against that, think about all the things you’ve pushed back… OK maybe a little gets done eventually. But its not the majority. The time to push yourself is today. I’m not going to say greatness waits for no one, but seriously, GREATNESS WAITS FOR NO ONE! (sorry)

All kidding aside, we will always have unfinished business, and it may seem that we will never really be fully done with what we want to do. If you are then get something else to do. I think success is when you keep going even after you loose your spunk. Because you wont be driven all the time. Heck you wont feel driven more than half the time. But we gotta keep going. And I speak for myself. Because times will get hard, and you will get tired, and you will feel drained, and the euphoria you experience from that 5 minute inspirational video you watch will last only about a day until you get back to reality and you feel even more tired. But you gotta keep moving! Because you have unfinished business! And there’s no worse feeling than knowing you have something waiting for you to attend to.

Make a schedule if that works for you; take some time off to do what you’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. Whatever you do, don’t put [it] off. You have three months until the end of the year! That’s 12 weeks! That’s roughly 90 days! That’s way too many days left!! Get to it :)

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