My Dreams Can Wait A Day


Nails painted neon red. Cozied up in Momma’s fleece sweater while I type away. All I need now is hot cocoa, and a movie. It’s that kind of day…

I don’t want to have a care in the world. At least for a few minutes. Make that a couple more hours.. What’s due tomorrow does not matter. What’s for next week? No clue. My brain can’t handle any more serious thinking at the moment. My body is tired and on strike.

It’s time to unwind.

I’ll be real. Having a busy life ain’t cute! Everybody gets busy with life. It’s either go- go- go- or crash. It’s a good ‘busy’ when its towards a goal. You’re working to attain something. Tying up loose ends. Blah blah blah. Yes, It’s good. That’s established. But then the good becomes the bad. When there’s no time for rest. There’s no time for simple things. For relaxation. For a walk. Yes. A walk. Because you’re constantly on the go, and not taking necessary breaks.

Listen. If your dreams are preventing you from living in the moment and not noticing that the skies are blue when they are, there’s something seriously wrong. Hardwork is good. No doubt. Hard work is important. Without hard work, you get nothing. But your aspirations should not prevent you from taking a breather once in a while, and LIVING LIFE. Because you will miss the good stuff. The kind that rolls by once in FOREVER. And you will miss bonding moments with friends and family. And you will neglect taking good care of your body. Which is the worst.thing.EVER.

You can’t get to your dreams and goals and enjoy it with a worn out body.

So today I embrace my self-made freedom.

Self-made. Because no one has [Time] waiting to give them breaks. You gotta MAKE TIME for a break. Forget everything else for a minute or two and have time for yourself. The freedom to relax and whine. Yes, whine. And complain. And let things out. About frustrations and such. Sometimes complaints open room for negativity. But not this kind. Hey, we’re allowed to complain. I know I have earned that right. One does not go through long hours of EVERYTHING everyday without having the right to complain once.


Sit your dreams down. Give it a back seat view and take control. Your dreams should never run your life. NEVER.

What makes dreams worth having and accomplishing in the end, is enjoying the journey while you go through it. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly. And to be able to tell the story associated with it. Because there WILL be a story.

But in the meantime, put your feet up. Give yourself time to reflect on how far you have gone, recognize where you’re going and what you need to do. And when you gain your strength, go at it again.

Go hard and easy people. Not just hard. Give yourself a time out and enjoy the journey. You’ve got to enjoy your journey :-)

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