Sky Lanterns and Crazy Ideas


About a year ago I woke up to a text from one of my friends. She’s the kind of person to randomly text you about random things. But they are usually silly and fun. This was different. It was just a question and a statement. Really random. More so because our last conversation was about cute guys and desserts.

That afternoon, it took me a couple minutes, but I answered anyway. I was ready. I can’t explain to you how I knew what my answer was. But when you know, you know. And I knew. I had thought about it countless times.

Before I go on, let me just say that everyone needs friends like that. The kind that text you about random, yet important things. The kind that will ask you random questions that will change your life, or cause you to think about something even a year and some later.

Opened. Read. Answered. Her text? —

“What is your craziest dream? I wanna tell you mine.”

You see, the thing about crazy dreams is you daydream about them. A lot. (no pun intended). And you think about them. Constantly. And you visualize the unseen. And you come up with ways to make it happen, even when you don’t think any of those ways are good enough. And you make up scenarios about then, and think about even more ways.

Because a dream is not a dream unless its a crazy one. One that will make you doubt whether or not it’s possible, but at the same time make you anticipate what you want to do and have your passion feel so alive even if the dream is not alive yet. A dream is not one unless you are shut down by everyone else who hears it and looks at you weird. A dream is not such until you loose hope many times, yet come back to it like a relationship you’re trying so hard to work at because you know its worth it.

And the best craziest dreams will confuse you. Gosh, will they confuse you! But at the same time look good to you. Kinda like sky lanterns. They will light up many aspects of your life and show you a bright, bright future. Yet make it feel so far away and unreachable at the same time. And you will want to let some go, and float above you, and forget about them. But without thinking or working on them you feel lost. So you hold on.

One crazy idea. One dream. Or many crazy ideas turned dreams.

But crazy dreams are good. And crazy dreams will change your life. Man, will they change your life! And when they do, you will embrace that change. Because your hard work brought your passion into manifestation. And it will be because of you. Your crazy idea. Your dream. You.

What’s your craziest dream?

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