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“When you have no hope…”

“When you have no hope for your future, you mismanage your present opportunities” –Pastor Asrifi

Heard this a few days ago and its one of the best statements I’ve ever heard!

We get caught up in our own despair that sometimes we don’t see the many opportunities around us. Our lack of hope blinds us to what can be used to make our situations better… But when we have hope, even clinging to the smallest thread of hope, we begin see everything around us as an avenue to moving toward something greater. Every little thing counts. Every chance is used, and nothing is taken advantage of because we know that if gone, that moment might never be recovered.. and so we hope! and we try our hardest to cling to whatever opportunity we get!

In whatever situation you find yourself in, don’t give up hope… It’s the one thing that will carry you to your next level. It’s what opens your eyes to see everything around you as a potential to push yourself forward.. to get you out of your funk.. to bring you to your expected end.

Have HOPE! And begin to see everything as an opening to your next step ahead! Manage your present opportunities!


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