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Don’t fret! – [Part 2]

[Be sure to first read >>> Don't Fret - Part 1 <<< if you haven't!!!] “Don’t fret! Sometimes its about putting what you've done in perspective” - Rosemary Amponsah So finally, here's what I'm proposing! My challenge to everyone, myself included. But first, I'll need you to quickly grab a pad and something to write with! or open up Notes on… Continue reading Don’t fret! – [Part 2]


No bait needed #Justaglimpse

When someone cares, you know. Its that simple. You just know. You don't have to do anything extra to get their attention. You don't have to go out of your way to crave their concern. You don't need to drop hints and then worry about being subtle. You don't need to send messages with hidden… Continue reading No bait needed #Justaglimpse

Speak Up

“When you have no hope…”

"When you have no hope for your future, you mismanage your present opportunities" -Pastor Asrifi Heard this a few days ago and its one of the best statements I've ever heard! We get caught up in our own despair that sometimes we don't see the many opportunities around us. Our lack of hope blinds us… Continue reading “When you have no hope…”