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Don’t fret! – [Part 2]


[Be sure to first read >>> Don’t Fret – Part 1 <<< if you haven’t!!!]

“Don’t fret! Sometimes its about putting what you’ve done in perspective” – Rosemary Amponsah

So finally, here’s what I’m proposing! My challenge to everyone, myself included. But first, I’ll need you to quickly grab a pad and something to write with! or open up Notes on your ipad.. (personally, I’m a typewriter kinda gal.. even if I don’t have one, YET! lol) or hey, just get a marker and go to a white board (whichever’s easier for you)

I’m waiting… Ready?

Here goes! I believe that at some point in life, its important to remind ourselves of why we do what we do, or plan to do. However, its even more highly important to remember what we’ve already done! Every single accomplishment, tiny or ginormous. I’m talking like graduating from kindergarten! lol ok not quite… but how about high school? Not a lot of people have a high school diploma, or took the GED, so if you do then kudos to you! And if you haven’t yet, I’m sure you have other great accomplishments! How about that job you stuck with to help your family out? Did you get a club/group you started? or reinvented? Or that research project you were a part of? Finished that masters program? Landed your dream job, or got a side job? Oh even more awesome, selling off your entire pitcher of lemonade during the summer!

In all seriousness, I want you to think as far back as possible, and write everything down! Don’t discard anything because you don’t think it carries any weight. Let your ink be the judge of that! Everything counts. What you pen down is going to be your NEW dream booster! Believe that! You don’t only need someone else’s ‘stuff’ to inspire you! That’s just what it is, their stuff! Admire it, but don’t let it direct and set your pace for you! Nothing else will work better for you, than your stuff because you see all you’ve done already! And if you haven’t done a lot, even better because you see what more you can do for yourself!

Might sound cheesy and a bit like a self-help handout, but hey, that never hurt nobody! We need to remember that our excelling in life depends on our own motivation more than from others! You gotta find ways to inspire yourself, and this is one of the many ways to do that. So, go go go! Let’s take our eyes off someone else’s prize(s) and focus on ours! Lets do ourselves a favor and get rid off that unnecessary burden! It’s time to put what we’ve done into perspective. I’m past ready! Are you?

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