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Don’t fret! – [Part 2]

[Be sure to first read >>> Don't Fret - Part 1 <<< if you haven't!!!] “Don’t fret! Sometimes its about putting what you've done in perspective” - Rosemary Amponsah So finally, here's what I'm proposing! My challenge to everyone, myself included. But first, I'll need you to quickly grab a pad and something to write with! or open up Notes on… Continue reading Don’t fret! – [Part 2]


Don’t fret! – [Part 1]

"Don't fret! Sometimes its about putting what you've done in perspective" - Rosemary Amponsah So I'm chatting up with my friend Rozy, and we're both admiring this one lady and all the stuff she's done... and I mean she's done a lot! I was reading her bio and I was in awe. I felt like she… Continue reading Don’t fret! – [Part 1]

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Darn it. We CAN make it!

Look around you. Yeah. It only took a minute, I know. Do it again. Take in your surroundings... Is that the best you can do? No really... Is it? Be honest. I hope your answer is "well, no" or "Not yet"! I look at my surroundings everyday. I drive to work and sadly watch as… Continue reading Darn it. We CAN make it!