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Darn it. We CAN make it!

timthumbLook around you. Yeah. It only took a minute, I know. Do it again. Take in your surroundings…
Is that the best you can do? No really… Is it? Be honest.

I hope your answer is “well, no” or “Not yet”! I look at my surroundings everyday. I drive to work and sadly watch as people beg for money at the traffic stops. I go to get food from a restaurant and wonder how the waiter feels after a long day. I’m always thinking about how others can stand to live uncomfortably with so-little, or nothing, for that matter. And I ask myself, why?! Is this the best WE can do? Because our decision to do something about our life affects others. As it should! My decision to rise up and be well off in MY life affects the life of OTHERS. If it doesn’t, then I’m sure not doing anything meaningful. It doesn’t even have to be anything major. It just needs to have a positive effect on somebody… Anybody!

And then of course you think about circumstances that have put people in their individual situations. Some of them intentional, and some just had no option. Like those who get abandoned and have to grow up without families. Strive to make a living by doing something they don’t admire. Those who have what it takes but cant afford to get an education. Those who make decisions and do dumb things that land them in jail. But then are those excuses enough?

Sheryl Sandberg writes in her book “Lean in: Women, work, and the Will to lead“, I would never advocate that we should all have the same objectives. Many people are not interested in acquiring power, not because they lack ambition, but because they are living their lives as they desire.” and I get it. I do. I mean if everyone wanted to be big dawgs, then whose going to do the little things that help us everyday? And there’s nothing wrong with the little things! But, make sure its what you desire to do! and work hard at it!

We should also understand that its perfectly find to START at the bottom. You have to! It’s called a climb for a reason. You don’t just get to the top by beginning at the top. Unless you’re born there. (But c’mon even Jesus was born in a manger). But anyways, you dont stay at the bottom either! Ask Tyler Perry, and he’ll tell you how he used to work numerous odd jobs that he absolutely despised, but it made him who he is today! Ask me! I’m no T.P. (at least not yet), but I used to work at a department store. My goodness I hated it, but it has made me mature in ways I didn’t think imaginable, and I don’t regret the friends I made, or my experience either. But you better believe I’m still working my way up to what I desire to be.

As long as we want something for ourselves, we can make it. We can make it! Darn it, we CAN make it. So I’m asking again, Is this the best you can do? Make sure its what you desire to do! & work work WERK (yeah) until you get there!


I know darn well the answer for me is no. The answer will continue to be no because I can always do better. Heck there’s always room for improvement. Even when I’m living a life thats affecting many people and helping many others, wait for it… there’s still room for improvement. Is this the best you can do? Can you honestly look at yourself and say yes? I hope not. Unless you’re Warren Buffett. Then, well Sir, I respectfully applaud your efforts.

2 thoughts on “Darn it. We CAN make it!

  1. Well said Aku! if this doesn’t make somebody get off their behind and start working toward that dream then IDK what will… #Workkkk

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