Don’t fret! – [Part 1]


“Don’t fret! Sometimes its about putting what you’ve done in perspective” – Rosemary Amponsah

So I’m chatting up with my friend Rozy, and we’re both admiring this one lady and all the stuff she’s done… and I mean she’s done a lot! I was reading her bio and I was in awe. I felt like she was a  25-year-old-ish Condelezza Rice haha! And that’s what mostly spiked my interest because she is super young! and yet her record runs from here to HONGKONG lol… So anyways I’m going on and on about her and her amazing works and awards, and my friend goes “Don’t fret! Sometimes its about putting what you’ve done in perspective”. A simple but meaningful statement. So naturally what do I do? Think deeper on it…

It’s good to admire. Actually its a great thing to admire others accomplishments. It helps boost morale. It gives you hope that you can someday get to your aim. Or at least it should… But if your admiration turns into melancholy, well, that is NOT good!  And that’s what happens to a lot of people. We turn our eyes away from our goal for just one second, and we get lost and thrown off balance because we’re focused on what someone else has done. We become so much amazed that we begin to calculate our success off theirs. Examining times, ages and life circumstances; looking at our works in comparison to theirs.

We begin to build unrealistic expectations, because well, if they’ve done this, there’s no reason I can’t do the same. Unrealistic expectations bringing about unnecessary burden. We begin to ignore what we’ve already done and lose even greater sight of what we want. We no longer see our dream through our eyes but through that of their success, and we get discouraged because it all seems too daunting too fast. And then it looks like you’re driving down a hill, never coming back up… and dark clouds are looming and growing over your head and you can’t see in front of you and… Lol I know, way over the top! But I hope you got the point, before all the dramatization haha :)

Well! I have a proposition to solve this. More like a challenge really, because it might require a lot of reflection….. but I think it will work!

[Watch out for Part 2 soon]

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