Not For Yourselves – #30daysofthankfulness


[My spiel from Day 10… Click here for others >>> “30daysOfThankfulness” ]

Today I’m thankful for PEACEFUL NIGHTS!

It’s raining tonight… I’m staring outside through my water streaked window into the night, and I feel a calm. Needless to say, it’s peaceful. There’s nothing going on out in the night… or if there is, I can’t feel it from the comfort of my bed. If I stay really still, I can hear the wind rustling the leaves and tell what direction its moving. I can hear the rain drops fall from the rooftop and the strange howl of the wind… Its such a peaceful night, but I only know whats good in my neck of the woods.

Other places don’t have it like this. Other cities, towns, countries… I watch the news and everyday something bad happened somewhere that introduced chaos into someones life. Others are living through war-torn areas where they have to worry about their safety everyday. I don’t think I could do it; couldn’t bear it if I had to… I still remember the chaos from the B.M. bombing earlier this year. It was 30 mins away and somehow I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept worrying, and worrying… But its like that everyday, somewhere in this world.. Many nights where people worry…

So if you have it like I do this moment, I would like you to enjoy it not for yourselves, but for the others who cant. That’s what I like to do… just stay still and think of those who are not so lucky, and pray & hope for them to have at least one peaceful night, every night… Tonight, I’m thankful for God’s grace for peaceful nights everywhere there’s one.

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