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My Monday Rant…

People value the Dollar more than they do their lives. Whether its the dollar or wherever they always seem to be in a rush to, its such a sad sad thing to see unnecessary accidents that cost lives. PEOPLE! Its not that serious. Be smart, Drive carefully, Drive safely.

Don’t text and drive. Don’t focus on changing the radio station. Don’t speed down the hill. DON’T text and drive. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror for more than a few seconds (YOU’RE DRIVING!). Don’t drive 20 above the speed limit (unnecessary). DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. Don’t cut ahead of people when there’s minimal space between each car… Don’t[…]

Forget about yourself and think about others on the road – Moms, kids, Dads, Lady from Starbucks, Your Congressman, Your best-friend.. Make it personal. Common sense SAVES lives.


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