Unfinished Business

It's three months until the end of the year! I'm excited for the holidays because well, its the holidays. But I know some of y'all out there are feeling a little unsettled about it. That's OK too!! If I'am being totally honest, I am too because I'm already thinking about my year. The days slipped away! How… Continue reading Unfinished Business

Journaling · Speak Up

To Whom It May Concern:

  I don't know what your situation is, but I know sometimes we are in control to do something about it, yet we do nothing. Life is not perfect. There will be times you have absolutely no control over what goes on. But there is ALWAYS a time or two when you do, and it is… Continue reading To Whom It May Concern:


Those Darn Insecurities

So we have insecurities... who doesn't? To be insecure about some stuff is not altogether bad.  But its especially less of a bad thing for the one who knows that the perfection they crave for is a myth. And because of that they are not bothered AS MUCH by their insecurities. Because, yes, they WILL be a little bothered… Continue reading Those Darn Insecurities