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Don’t Give Up Just Because People Didn’t Take Notice

What is it with us humans and craving the feeling of validation or acceptance from others? We often desire to have people take notice of us and what we do. Don't get me wrong, its not all a bad thing and there's probably nothing seriously wrong with that as long as we control it to… Continue reading Don’t Give Up Just Because People Didn’t Take Notice

Journaling · Speak Up

Don’t fret! – [Part 2]

[Be sure to first read >>> Don't Fret - Part 1 <<< if you haven't!!!] “Don’t fret! Sometimes its about putting what you've done in perspective” - Rosemary Amponsah So finally, here's what I'm proposing! My challenge to everyone, myself included. But first, I'll need you to quickly grab a pad and something to write with! or open up Notes on… Continue reading Don’t fret! – [Part 2]

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Darn it. We CAN make it!

Look around you. Yeah. It only took a minute, I know. Do it again. Take in your surroundings... Is that the best you can do? No really... Is it? Be honest. I hope your answer is "well, no" or "Not yet"! I look at my surroundings everyday. I drive to work and sadly watch as… Continue reading Darn it. We CAN make it!