This Is Why Excuses STINK!

Whoosh it's been a while! and you know its been a while when you can't remember the last time you wrote a blog post. More so when some of your readers hint at the fact that its been a while, without telling you outright that it REALLY HAS BEEN A WHILE. So here comes my excuses. And boy… Continue reading This Is Why Excuses STINK!

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Don’t Give Up Just Because People Didn’t Take Notice

What is it with us humans and craving the feeling of validation or acceptance from others? We often desire to have people take notice of us and what we do. Don't get me wrong, its not all a bad thing and there's probably nothing seriously wrong with that as long as we control it to… Continue reading Don’t Give Up Just Because People Didn’t Take Notice


Fear of falling

Do you realize that some of the little things we run away from, build up and translate into the big picture of our lives? Take me for example. I love ice skating! Ok, maybe I should rephrase that... I don't actually ice skate, but I've had so much love for it since I was a kid.… Continue reading Fear of falling