Not For Yourselves – #30daysofthankfulness

[My spiel from Day 10... Click here for others >>> "30daysOfThankfulness" ] Today I'm thankful for PEACEFUL NIGHTS! It's raining tonight... I'm staring outside through my water streaked window into the night, and I feel a calm. Needless to say, it's peaceful. There's nothing going on out in the night... or if there is, I can't feel… Continue reading Not For Yourselves – #30daysofthankfulness


The Struggle – #30DaysOfThankfulness

[My spiel from Day 3... Click here for others >>> "30daysOfThankfulness" ] Today I'm thankful for my FAITH! I'm just staring at the page smiling because its been a long road for me to finally say that and really really mean it. And I do. I've struggled personally with my faith the past couple years, but I've… Continue reading The Struggle – #30DaysOfThankfulness


Don’t fret! – [Part 1]

"Don't fret! Sometimes its about putting what you've done in perspective" - Rosemary Amponsah So I'm chatting up with my friend Rozy, and we're both admiring this one lady and all the stuff she's done... and I mean she's done a lot! I was reading her bio and I was in awe. I felt like she… Continue reading Don’t fret! – [Part 1]

Speak Up

“Believe In My Ability”

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that its is stupid" -Albert Einstein Allow people the opportunity to excel at what they do best and know best. Push them in the area they are most comfortable in. It's wonderful… Continue reading “Believe In My Ability”